About Our Organization

About us

Our History

Sudar Academic & Charitable trust was started on January 04, 2006 with 4 physically challenged children and the trust was registered on March 09, 2011. Now there are 20 physically challenged students in the age of 7-30 from the surrounding villages studying in our trust. We provide education, hand writing, speech therapy, walking therapy and also job oriented practices to the students depending to their abilities. The education and the food provided to the students are free of cost. The expense for running the school managed by the donations provided by the friends and good hearted people.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is that each and every person has got social responsibility and especially those persons who had an opportunity to get better education and living conditions, they should extend a helping hand to those less fortunate people who are very much below in the society and show light to their lives so that these less fortunate children can also get an opportunity to lead a happy and peaceful life and thus bring down the social imbalance which is the root cause for the current day turmoil in the society. If these children are shown light they too can lead a decent living and become good citizens. These objectives can be achieved only if educated and elite people take the responsibility and lead the path for these abandoned children of the society. With this objective in view, Sudar Academic & Charitable trust was started. Our mission and vision is to educate physically challenged children to prove others that they are all like common people, they have all abilities and talents like normal people and bring down the social imbalance in the society which ultimately bring in peace in the society.



Facilities provided for our Students


We have qualified teachers to teach the students Tamil, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge in easiest way.


We pick the students from their home by the vehicle every day.


  • Every day 11:00am – Health mix/ Milk with honey/ Juice according to the time table.
  • Every day  01:00pm – Hygienic food as lunch and also provide mineral water.
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday 03:00pm – Egg.


We provide uniform to each and every student to indicate that they are equal. They are looking more confidence while they are wearing the uniforms. We also provide Identity Card to them.


We have a Physiotherapist who provides physical exercises needed for each student in the easiest way. Yoga and Meditation practice is also provided.


We provide games like carom, Chess and throw ball for them. It refreshes their mind and body.

Industrial Talent

We are not just providing the general education, but also providing some extracurricular activities like drawing, singing and music to find out their talents. We are also providing the students’ job oriented practices.



Our Team

Staff Details

Tamil Teacher        –

D. Dhanalakshmi M.A.

English Teacher      –      

G. KalaiselveI B.A.

Mathematics Teacher  –

K.Vijayarani M.A.

Motivational Staff         –

S. Sankar M.A., B.Ed., (Blind Person)

Physiotherapist             –

Dr.M.Gurumurthy (Varmalogy- Physiotherapy)

Doctor                            –

Dr. K. Arul (General Check-Up)


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